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Please note - we do not send physical tickets in the mail!  For online orders, your receipt is your ticket!  If you leave home without it, we’ll look up your order in our system - it just takes a bit longer.
General Admission tickets include a full day of entertainment, activities for kids and access to all the wonderful vendors.  Food & drinks are sold separately.  Aldults 21 and over who have a General Admission ticket may purchase closed bottles of wine to take home but may not consume alcohol at the event - as per ABC law.  Upgrades to Wine Tasters tickets are available at the festival and are VERY inexpensive.
General Admission + Wine Taster tickets (for adults 21 and over) include all the General Admission benefits PLUS samplings of all of the South African wines, Grayhaven wines and sangrias available in the main wine tent PLUS a souvenir wine glass keep while supplies last.  Food & drinks are sold separately - including wines-by-the-glass, and open & closed bottles of wine.
  • Youth/kids 17 and under attend Free! when accompanied by a parent
  • Introductory Early-Bird Pricing (June 15th - June 30th) General Admission $13, Wine Taster Admission $15 tax included- see notice below
  • Advance Purchase Pricing (July 1st-September 9th): General Admission: $20, Wine Taster Admission:  $25 tax included
  • Gate Purchase (September 12th & 13th):  General Admission $30, Wine Taster Admission $35 tax included, Wine Taster Ticket Upgrade (if you purchase General Admission but decided to upgrade to Wine Taster Admission:) $5. tax included
  • Tickets can be purchased through our secure Online shopping a cart from June 15th - September 9th.
  • Tickets can also be purchased at the winery or at Grayhaven’s booth at local farmer’s markets
  • Tickets can be used for either September 12th or September 13th 2015
  • Please DON’T buy discount tickets from Couponz, Amazon Local or other discount ticket places!  If you are reading this - you already know who we are or have heard about our festival through the efforts of our wonderful friends, volunteers, staff or customers.  Couponz, etc are meant to reach folks who have never heard of Grayhaven or the festival.  The festival receives only a SMALL (not even half) portion of that half price deal - the same deal we offer you here on this Web site from June 15th - June 30th.
*Advance Purchase cut-off: Advance purchase options will end on September 9th -  Advance purchase is intended to encourage folks to purchase early by offering wonderfully low rates.  In turn your advance purchase gives the festival and its vendors some idea of attendance for planning, ordering and staffing purposes.  We will suspend the offer on September 9th, giving time for our staff to process your order and have your information available at the gate in case you lose your Ticket receipt or purchase multiple tickets for guests arriving at different times. 
*Sales tax notice:  Sales tax is not charged on General Admission tickets, as no tangible items are included in the purchase.  All Wine Taster tickets include General Admission + Wine Tasting.  Sales tax of 5.3% is added to the wine tasting portion of the Wine Taster ticket.  For example, the Early Bird Wine Taster ticket includes:  General Admission of $13 + Wine Tasting of $1.90 + VA sales tax of .10 cents for a total  of $15.

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