Grayhaven Winery welcomes back South African winemaker Francois Bezuidenhout of MAN Vintners to the 10th annual South African Food & Wine Festival in 2015.   This is a rare opportunity for visitors to hear firsthand about the wines of MAN Vintners and Francois’ experiences as a winemaker in South Africa. 
Olivier Lotterie from Vineyard Brands, Zingo Munger from Cape Classics and Matt Leader from The Country Vintner will be at the festival sharing their knowledge and passion for South African wine.  We are  thrilled to have such an amazing line-up of experts and selection of South African wines for 2014.  We  hope to see you in September!  Read more about Francois...
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Olivier and Matt
Our aim at the South African Food & Wine Festival is to introduce wine lovers to the exceptional character and quality of South African wines. From the icons of South Africa such as Ken Forrester, to lesser known gems like Badenhorst , our selection represents the depth and breadth of South African wine and provides visitors a unique opportunity to sample and purchase wines not readily available in stores.

The wines for the festival are hand-picked by the Grayhaven family.  While we choose a few fantastic “everyday wines” we know have a broad appeal, wine-lovers are sure to notice that the sustainability, creativity, and ‘true to terrior” philosophy of Grayhaven as well as our collective passion for quality and uniqueness shine through in the wines we select for you to taste. 

So, which wines will we be pouring this year?  You’ll have to join us to find out. We’ll bring back a few old favorites and introduce a new line-up of stellar vintages.  Rest assured, there will be Pinotage, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay - all prominent varieties in South Africa.

As always, visitors will also have the opportunity to taste Grayhaven’s small batch and special release wines.

Want more info?  Check out our Wine Info & FAQ page


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